The Yakezie Challenge

Today I have joined the Yakezie Challenge.  It is a way of promoting all the other wonderful blogs out there, as well as my own.  Although my blog isn’t really about personal finances (more about investing, economics, business), it is important to note that personal finances is tied to investing and a necessary first step.

What is the Yakezie Challenge?  It is the largest personal finance and lifestyle blog network, that helps to optimize reader’s personal finances as well as to help each other.  It was started in 2010 by the Financial Samurai.

Although I do not spend much time blogging and more time related to investing, I think my readers will benefit from the blogs that are a part of it.  I also hope that in time, other readers will benefit from finding my blog through the network.


Thanks & Happy Investing!


Author: The Investment Blogger

I’m a private investor, who developed the “function-centric investing” paradigm. I am an investor who blogs a little here and there, rather than a blogger who invests a little here and there. I'm passionate about investing and sharing investment knowledge!

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  1. Welcome, and good luck with your goals! Start by introducing yourself in the forums, and interacting w/ existing Members on

    Cheers, Sam

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