About Me

I am not a blogger who writes about investments for a living.  I am an investor, who also maintains a small blog on the side about investing.


I want to be clear that my wealth comes from investing activities, and not from writing articles or internet advertisement revenue.   I think it’s very important for anyone who blogs about investment topics, to disclose the main source of their wealth and provide transparency.  It’s responsible to do so, in order to avoid inadvertently & falsely portraying the success of any investment topics & strategies that may be discussed, which can dangerously mislead readers.  Readers may think that a blogger’s financial success comes from those certain investment principles & strategies, when in fact it may really have been from ad revenue & a successful blogging business!  This is a very important distinction that few bloggers will make, and readers of financial websites should be aware of such portrayals!  Like we say in investing, “just follow the money!”


My wealth comes from investing, and therefore investing comes before writing blog articles.  It explains why I use Twitter much more often, and sometimes have periods where there are very few new articles.


I’ve formally studied economics, accounting, finance, and corporate strategy.  After losing almost all of my money during the technology bust, I realized that I was not a victim of the tech bust, but of my own lack of knowledge.  Since then I started from scratch and tried to accumulate as much knowledge as I could.  A lot has come from non-formal education (written works of successful investors & business people).   Through the years I’ve managed to rebuild and achieve success which I hope motivates fellow investors.  I’ve also made a ton of mistakes on this journey, and will no doubt make more.


For my daily tweets on investing, stocks, and the markets, follow me on Twitter (@InvestmentFrog).


Investment Style:

I am a contrarian investor, and do not follow any conventional investment rules (allocation principle, etc).  My style is Value Investing (buying at discount to intrinsic value).  Over the years I have aimed to integrate the thought process & decision making abilities of successful investors such as Warren Buffett, Charles Munger, Fisher, etc. in order to emulate and learn from their success.


I developed what I call the function-centric investingparadigm, which has no set allocation rules or usage of any specific asset category.  Every asset must fulfill a specific role or function, that directly contributes to the investor’s goals & priorities, at a particular stage in the investor’s overall investment-life plan.  When it no longer performs the function, or is no longer needed, it is disposed of.  This also allows for flexibility to invest according to changes in economic & investment conditions without being tied to any particular class or type of asset (stocks, real estate, bonds, businesses, etc).  There isn’t any specific investment type or asset class is always superior or safer than any other (i.e. Stocks vs Real Estate, Gold vs Stocks, etc).  Everything must be based on conditions.  I don’t think bonds are any safer than equities, or that blue-chips are any safer than small caps.


I have invested in real estate, traditional equities, bonds & corporate paper, gold related investments, and whatever else happens to be the most suitable investment that can fulfill a particular functional aspect or role. In order to be adaptive, I think investors need to be agile to reallocate capital (making jumps like a frog) depending on the conditions.  It is also the reason why I have chosen a frog as my avatar & logo.


As posted on TSX Waggle, my investment style in 10 words or less:
“Value investing. Function focused. Flexible & mindful to changing conditions.”

[I do not work for TMX Group or TMX Equicom, and my opinions are mine own]


I look forward to sharing ideas, thoughts, and knowledge!

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